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This web page is used to hold working files and other documents of interest to the ASTM Archival Data User Services (ADUS) committee.  The ADUS committee is formed under the Committee E17 on Vehicle-Pavement Systems



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Recent Holdings Include:


TSS 080803 Status Report.rtf                                      Link


Std_Guide_ADUS_v1_9_tracking_removed.doc          Word Doc                    Zip File


Std_Guide_ADUS_Version 1.8                                    Zip File  


ADUS Meta Data Release of Dec 5th                           Zip File  


Comments on E17_54_01_1                                        Word Doc                    Zip File


Standard Guide for WK 609

Archiving and Retrieving

Intelligent Transportation System-Generated Data         PDF Doc         Zip File



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An excellent collection of ADUS related links provides by Ralph Gillman follows below. 


ADUS-Related Links

ITS Archived Data User Service



ADUS R&D Program


ITS Electronic Document Library


Cross-Cutting Studies and State-of-the-Practice Reviews:  Archive and Use of ITS-Generated Data, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, April 2002, EDL #13697


Closing the Data Gap: Guidelines for Quality Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS) Data, Version 1.0, September 2000


                Strategic Plan for the Development of ADUS Standards, May 2000, EDL #12603; also!.pdf or!.pdf


                ADUS 5-year Program Description and Roadmap, Mitretek, Mar. 2000, EDL #12583!.pdf


                Archived Data User Service:  Addendum to the ITS Program Plan, Sep. 1998, ITS JPO, EDL #5224!.htm


            ITS as a Data Resource: Preliminary Requirements for a User Service, Rich Margiotta, Apr. 1998, EDL #3875

  !.pdf or



                ITS as a Data Resource Workshop Proceedings, ITS America, Jan. 1998, EDL #10623!.pdf


USDOT Archived Data User Service (ADUS) webpage with links to ADUS Brochure; ITS Data Archiving Resources CD-ROM; ADUS Addendum to ITS Program Plan; ITS Data Archiving Five-Year Program Plan; ADUS Standards Strategic Plan


Archived Data Management System - Data Model, 2002


Proof of Concept of ITS as An Alternative Data Resource:  A Demonstration Project of Florida and New York Data (large file)


FHWA Office of Highway Policy Information (OHPI) Traffic Volume – list of publications


FHWA’s Mobility Monitoring Program


National ITS Architecture


ITS ADUS Traffic Records Data Source


USDOT Safety – Technology Fact Sheet – ADUS


ITS America ADUS Resources Page (out of date)


Sharing Data for Traveler Information:  Practices and Policies of Public Agencies, January 2002


Highway Traffic Operations and Freeway Management: State-of-the-Practice, March 2003, EDL #13801 [mentions archiving]



State and University Papers


Scalable AZTech Data Server Enhancements for Planning and Operations: User Services Requirements Study, November 8, 1999, EDL #12303


Freeway Performance Measurement Project (PeMS) Papers


Twin Cities Metro Area Ramp Meter Study


Nevada – Archived Data User Service Self Evaluation Report, November 2000



Guidelines for Developing ITS Data Archiving Systems, Texas Transportation Institute, 2001


Archived ITS Data Serve Multiple Purposes: article from the Texas Transportation Researcher,

Volume 37, Number 2 (2001)


ITS Data Archiving: Case Study Analyses of San Antonio TransGuide Data by Shawn Turner


ITS Data Management System: “ITS DataLink”, Texas Transportation Institute, Aug. 1997, EDL #8325!.pdf


Virginia’s Smart Travel Lab (many reports)


Central Puget Sound Freeway Network Usage and Performance by John Ishimaru and Mark Hallenbeck


Central Puget Sound Freeway Network Usage and Performance. 1999 Update, Volume 1.

Ishimaru, J., M. Hallenbeck, and J. Nee, 2001.  WA-RD 493.1


Central Puget Sound Freeway Network Usage and Performance. 1999 Update, Volume 2: Trends, Hallenbeck, M., J. Ishimaru, and J. Nee, 2001. TRAC WA-RD 493.2


Weekend Freeway Performance and the Use of HOV Lanes on Weekends.  Ishimaru, J., M. Hallenbeck, and J. Nee, 2000. WA-RD 488.1



Archived Data Online



Phoenix archives



Freeway Performance Measurement Project (PeMS)

San Francisco – MTC Data Mart – Detailed Traffic Count Data



MnDOT Traffic Management Center



Austin – Freeway data

Houston – Transtar historical data


Washington State

TDAD: Traffic Data Acquisition and Distribution